The Lowveld is subtropical, due to its proximity to the warm Indian Ocean and latitude. The Highveld is comparatively much cooler, due to its altitude of 2300m to 1700m above sea level. The Drakensberg Escarpment receives the most precipitation, with all other areas being moderately well-watered by mostly summer thunderstorms. The Highveld often experiences severe frost, whilst the Lowveld is mostly frost-free. Winter rainfall is rare, except for some drizzle on the escarpment. The differences in climate are demonstrated below by the capital, Nelspruit, which is in the Lowveld, an hour from Belfast on the Highveld.

Tanamera, at an altitude of 900 metres about sea level, falls within the summer rainfall area of South Africa. The average rainfall is more than 1 200mm per annum with even higher rainfall figures on the mountain slopes above Sabie. Most of the rain falls between October and April with the highest rainfall in January and February (170 – 190mm per month). Thunderstorms, with occasional hail, occur often but most of the rainfall is in the form of soft penetrating rain, often lasting several days.

The temperature ranges from 2° to 32°C with the warmest days in December (average 30°C) and the coldest nights in June (average 5°C). During late autumn / early winter the air is occasionally hazy due to timber growers burning firebreaks.

Safety and Security

We live in a secure area but please bear in mind that it is accessible to other people.  We do have security guards in the evening.  The main gate is locked at 6:00 in the evening and open the gate at 6:00 in the morning.  The surrounding area is safe to walk in and guests can walk to the Sabie River.

Communication and TV

Wifi is available but it is limited to the main building.

We have reception for most South African mobile phone companies and have a landline. There is access to a cellular networks of both MTN and Vodacom, both local service providers, should you wish to access the internet or emails.